PickleBall Fix

It has been a very busy week as members renew for 2022 and many new players sign up.


Our Guest Chefs—Karen and Gary Ellis and Kathy Graap—will be providing a delicious Italian main dish for this Saturday’s cookout. The maximum of 60 have signed up. Bring your favorite complementary side dish and enjoy socializing with your pickleball colleagues. Winners of last week’s raffle were Susan Russo, a pickleball bag, and a pickleball towel by Ken Zeilinger, our newest member. Pick up $1 raffle tickets when you pay your $3 cookout fee. BALL MACHINE

The ball machine is now located under the first shade area on the Courts protected by a cover thanks to Ken Krueger. Please return the machine to its location, replace the cover, and plug in the cord to recharge after using. Note: There is a laminated one-page explanation of the controls and a one-page quick settings explanation attached to the machine.


2022 TPPC membership renewal is continuing on Monday and Wednesday from 10-12 noon in the Main Room at the Lodge. In addition to renewals, 28 new members signed up this week. TPPC t-shirts may be ordered at the same time. Payment must accompany the order.

2022 membership forms can also be picked up at the Courts behind the Bulletin Board. Fill them out and place them with $10 dues in the PB Box. Pickleball is continuing its popularity in Timber Pines with a current Club membership of 875.


The TPPC monthly open Board meeting was Tues. at 3pm at the PARC. The agenda was lengthy and a couple of members also attended and provided some suggestions on several play events. Note that minutes of all BOD meetings are available on the TPPC website at tppickleballclub.org under Governance.

Items discussed at the meeting included:

--Nov. Schedule Changes. At the request of members, NPU sessions are now available every day at different times. ABCD is also held on Wed, Fri, and Sun at 9am. Check dates in Den to sign-up.

-- It was decided to put Courts 1,2 into open play rotation from 9-11am to accommodate the increasing numbers of players returning. Check the Den for new self-directed play times on Cts 1,2 in non-prime times.

--Court 11 is now available for sign-up on Den from 9-11am. Sign-up for Ct 12 is still on Jonas.

--Club Charity Donations. Each year the TPPC donates to one or more charities. This year the Board voted to donate $500 to the Employees Holiday Fund. Other charities will also be considered for Club donations.

Other topics covered were 2022 Winter tournaments, possible cookout changes, 2022 Den payment for memberships, to name some.


As many of us know, it is easy to forget items we bring to the courts when we leave. A number of items left have been placed in the brown boxes between each shade area. If you have left something, please check these boxes and pick up your items. If you find something left behind, put it in one of these boxes so owners can pick it up. Also, if you know who the owner is for an item, please contact that owner. All phone numbers are on the TPPC website: tppickleballclub.org > Quick Links > Membership > Roster.


--Sign-up Protocol. If you have signed up for an event and cannot play, please remove your name from the event by unchecking the box next to the event name. This enables other players to sign up and those remaining on the court to have 6 players for rest time between games.

--Emails in Junk/Spam Files. Members having issues with receiving Club emails because the message goes into your junk/spam file might try the following: Add the TPPC club email address (tppickleballclub@gmail.com) to your contacts and check your spam/junk/trash folders for Club emails and add them back to the inbox.

With the weather changing, watch the forecasts and sign up each week accordingly. There are courts open now especially for afternoon play. See you at the courts!

Marie Knowlton, TPPCP, Deb Howard, VP, Dave Dwyer, Treas., Bev Crane, Sec/Comm., Tom Asbel, Director, Don Rooks, Director, Cathi Ellingson, Director

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