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Welcome to those members who have just returned in the last week. It is so good to see you all back playing on the new courts after so many months away. PARKING is limited so please park golf carts in the 20+ spaces on the far side of the Pavilion next to the construction site. Parking for cars is a priority in the parking lot blacktop area spaces.

TPPC 2022 RENEWAL AND NEW MEMBERSHIP During Thanksgiving week, there will be NO 2022 TPPC membership renewal at the Lodge (Mon, Nov 22 and Wed, Nov 24). Membership renewal will take place again on Monday, Nov 29, and Wednesday, Dec 1, from 10-12 noon in the Main Room at the Lodge. 2022 membership forms can always be picked up at the PARC Courts behind the Bulletin Board. Fill them out and place them with $10 dues in the PB Box at the Courts.

ORDERS FOR NEW TPPC SHIRTS Pam Asbel has been taking orders for TPPC SHIRTS at the Lodge on Mon. and Wed. (10am-12noon) at the same time as membership renewal. There will be no orders at the Lodge this coming week (Mon, Nov 22 and Wed, Nov 24 from 10-12noon).

SPECIAL SHIRT ORDERS. Pam will take orders for the TPPC Shirts at the PARC Pavilion at 3pm on Wednesday, Nov. 24 and at the Lodge on Monday, Nov. 29 (10am-12noon), the last day for shirt ordering. Shirt samples will be available at both times. You can also request to personalize your shirt with your name. Note: If you are attending Donny’s Wed night social event at 4 or 6pm on Wed, Nov 24, come early and place your shirt order while you are there! If you have questions, please contact Pam at pkasbel@gmail.com or call 612-644- 2807and leave a message.

OCTOBER COURT USAGE REPORT Steve Fortin, Club Webmaster, summarized usage on the PARC courts for October. Some highlights include: --Total sign-ups for October were 2563. --The top five (5) most popular event type sign-ups: Open play (978). Advanced and Intermediate Levels were about the same (280 each), Next Paddle Up (614), Sat. Cookouts (229), Self-Directed Play (102), and Donny’s Wed. Night social play (94). Other favorites were Ladies & Men’s events (102) and Partners play (94).The influx of snowbird members will cause these numbers to rise so remember to sign up when you want to play.

OTHER ITEMS --Thanks to Karen and Gary Ellis and Kathy Graap, our guest chefs for last week’s cookout, who treated 60 attendees to tasty pasta, peppers and sausage, to attending members who brought their favorite dishes, and to those who volunteered to help. --Reminder: Several members have been looking for items left at the Courts. Check the Courts lost/found boxes at each shade area. You may find what you lost! --Unsign yourself from a Den event you are not going to play in so that others can sign up. --How to Squeegee Wet Courts. This morning the courts were quite wet at 9am when the courts are usually busy. To see how best to quickly remove water from wet Courts after a rain, check out the YouTube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adST-woMHvI. Note that the squeegee should be WET not dry when you are using it to remove the water. The court then dries much faster. See you at the Courts!

Marie Knowlton, TPPCP, Deb Howard, VP, Dave Dwyer, Treas., Bev Crane, Sec/Comm., Tom Asbel, Don Rooks, Cathi Ellingson, Directors

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