PickleBall Fix: January22 ,2021

Lucy Kitcher Clinic

The Courts will be closed to Club play this Monday, January 25 until 6:00pm for the Lucy Kitcher Pickleball Clinic. There are two (2) sessions. Registration and warm up for the Intermediate Level will begin at 8:15a and the Advanced Level will start at 1:15p. Please bring a mask, paddle, water/sports drink, snack, and chair.

To the 48 players who signed up: Have a great day playing pickleball, learn a lot and most of all enjoy a safe day on the Courts!

Any cancellations should contact Barb Lacek immediately at 215-353-7216.

Note: The Tuesday Clinic session was cancelled. Regular Tuesday events will take place and Den sign - up is now available. This includes Men’s Day as usual from 1-4pm.

Welcome to New Members

A number of new members of all skill levels are joining the Club. You have received a letter outlining how to sign up for events, how you can get additional information about the Club and play events, and more. All players MUST sign up on the Den to play.

Novice players: Take advantage of the following events to get started and improve your skills. --Lessons are Monday and Friday from 11:30-1pm.

--Skills/Drills are on Wednesday from 9:30-11am. Level 1 (week 1 and 3) is the next step following lessons. Level 2 (week 2 and 4) is an intermediate level to practice what you’ve learned and improve your skills.

--Court 4 in the morning and Court 6 in the afternoon are reserved on different days for new players. If desired, ask for a mentor for help by placing “mentor” in the comment line on the Den sign-up sheet. --Event ABCD on Mon. at 1pm enables players to select a play level and move up or down when they win or lose providing an opportunity to play with a variety of players.

Other events to try:

“Paddle Up” Event: Some players, especially new members, may not have played the “Paddle Up” event. Here’s how it works. Place your paddle in the paddle rack at the side of the court (e.g., near Cts 1,3). The first four (4) paddles play together on a court. When the game is over, the winners can stay on the court and split having the next two players in the rack join them for a game. Those who have completed their game then place their paddles at the end of the row of paddles to await their next turn to play. Players continue until they decide to remove their paddles from the rack.

Note that players MUST sign up on Den for each event in order to participate. If you need to drop out, be considerate of other players. Uncheck yourself ASAP from the Den event so other players can sign up in your space. There has been some trouble with players forgetting to take their names from event lists on Den. This leaves the Court short players and prevents others from signing up.


Skinny Singles - 11am-1pm: If you haven’t signed up for Skinny Singles yet, sign up on the Den under Skinny Singles Wait List for January 23. Place your skill level (A,B,C,D) under comments. Last week was the first week of competition. If you have not played, you can also sign up to learn more about the event on several evenings from 6-7 and 7-8pm to practice skinny singles with Piet Trappenburg to prepare for the Saturday event. For more information, email Piet at masspiet@verizon.net.

Coach’s Corner

As a follow-up on the new serving rule, this week’s Coach’s Corner will serve as a review of the mechanics of the pickleball serve. Click the link on the TPPC website to see information about the serve at http://www.tppickleballclub.org/tppbc_new_xhtml_009.htm. The description can also be accessed from the Club Home Page (www.tppickleballclub.org) > Quick Links > Learning > Coach’s Corner > The Serve.

Latest News: February Pickleball Schedule

The February Schedule is now available for sign up on the Den. The Feb. schedule is on the TPPC website at http://www.tppickleballclub.org/tppc_schedule_februaryfinalv1.pdf

Reminder: Please follow suggested CDC guidelines and quarantine for required time periods. Club officers strongly advise wearing a mask off the courts, social distancing, using hand sanitizer, and leaving the courts when your game is over. Players must continue to sign up for all events on the Den to continue contact tracing.

Have fun playing pickleball safely on the Courts!

Marie Knowlton, TPPCP, Deb Howard, VP, Dave Dwyer, Treas, Bev Crane, Sec

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