PickleBall Fix: February19 ,2021

The Lodge Courts are filling up fast each day despite uncertain weather this week. Sign up on the Den and make sure you uncheck yourself from an event you cannot attend so someone else can play in your place. This week alone 22 new members have joined the TPPC with more signing up every day. Say hello to players you don’t know so they feel welcome at the courts. Remember how nice it was when players talked to you when you were new and looking for others to play with.

Facelift at the Lodge Courts

On your next visit to the Lodge Courts, you will notice the courts have gotten a bit of a facelift. Timber Pines has set up benches from the new PARC courts at the Lodge Courts, along with a number of chairs on both sides to make resting between games a bit more comfortable. New storage boxes contain several practice paddles, as well as the pickleballs.

Let’s keep the area cleaned up and deposit any debris in the trash cans when you leave. Also, collect balls on the courts and place them in the ball holders. The last players of the day please put the ball containers in the storage boxes and loosen the nets. If lights are on, turn them off. The switch is on the fence near the RAC on the pool side. Thanks for your help to keep the Lodge courts clean until we can move to the new PARC courts.

March Schedule

The March schedule is live on the Den and ready for sign-up. It is also available on the TPPC website at http://www.tppickleballclub.org/tppc_schedule_march_6_courtfinalv1.pdf Thanks to Steve Fortin, our computer guru!

--Wednesday, Social Play Donny's ABCD - Den Sign-up

Donny’s ABCD events from 3-5p and 5-7p continue to be filled usually with waiting lists. Starting in March to provide everyone with equal access, sign-up for these events will open each week on the Thursday before the following Wednesday (e.g., sign up starts Thurs Feb 25 for the event on Wed Mar 3). Please sign up on Den, and if you can’t make it, remember to remove the check by your name so another player may participate. Note: Although Donny’s Events are on Den now, the links will not be live until the Wed. before the play date (e.g., Thurs. Feb 25 for Wed. Mar 3)

--Skinny Singles. In addition to Sat. 11-1p, Single Singles is also available on Wed. 9-11a on Courts 2 and 4. Contact Piet Trappenburg at masspiet@verizon.net for information about play.

--ABCD Events

An additional ABCD event is available each Sunday from 11-1pm. It is played the same as the Monday 1-3pm ABCD. Players place their paddles on the tables for A, B, C, or D, and the coordinator directs 4 players to each vacant court. After playing one game, players who won their game place their paddles on the higher letter (C moves to B) or lost (from B to C). This offers players the chance to play with different skill levels and meet new members at the same time. A fun, popular event—come on out and


Serving Instruction. Mike Rocheleau, certified pickleball instructor, provided a free Drop Serve Clinic on Thursday evening for approximately 30 players. First, he explained differences between the regular serve and the new drop serve, followed by three (3) points to remember about the Drop Serve:

--player’s feet must be behind the end line when the ball is contacted

--the ball is dropped to the ground from any height

--the paddle does not have to be below the waist as in a regular serve

Mike demonstrated the serve and answered questions. Players then played some games practicing the serve.

Coach’s Corner. Some Club members have had questions about the need to sign up on Den for all play. The article titled Den/Covid Safety at http://www.tppickleballclub.org/the_den_covid.pdf explains how Den works to trace play and help keep us all safe. Other tips from Coach’s Corner are available at http://www.tppickleballclub.org/tppbc_new_xhtml_010.htm

Pool Parking. The parking lot beside the pickleball courts is often quite crowded as more people regularly play pickleball and tennis on the courts. Please be considerate of pool patrons and leave a few spaces open near the pool. The reserved spaces designated by Timber Pines are not for pickleball. Thank you from those who need closer access to the pool.

Reminder: Members who want to run for the TPPC Board of Directors must place their information (paper with their name, email address, and telephone number) in an envelope addressed to the Nominating Committee in the Pickleball Box at the Courts no later than March 1.

The Board welcomes 22 new members and 3 renewals in the last 10 days!

Marie Knowlton, TPPCP, Deb Howard, VP, Dave Dwyer, Treas., Bev Crane, Sec/Communications

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