PickleBall Fix: February26 ,2021

Just an FYI that this coming week you will receive two (2) emails from the Club – your usual Friday “Fix” and a special Den email on March 1. The March 1 email contains detailed information on the TPPC Annual Meeting and election of seven (7) Club Directors that will take place on Wed, March 31. Members are urged to attend this important meeting. Make sure that the email does not go into your spam/junk mail.

Players had a fun special occasion at Donny’s ABCD on Wed. night this week. One of our former members “Big Al Berger” returned for a visit and some pickleball play. Donny and Barb Rooks celebrated with hotdogs and the usual goodies. Thanks to you both for everything you do for Club members and also thanks to volunteers Mike Thompson and Marilyn Wellons, who manned the hotdog stand and drinks table. Thanks, Neal Hughes Jr. and Marilyn, who organized the ABCD Monday afternoon event this week. Our many volunteers enable the Club to enjoy our events and social occasions. If you want to help, contact Helen DeGirolamo or Cathi Ellingson, Chairs of the Volunteer Committee, at tppcvolunteers@gmail.com to put your name on the volunteer list. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Just a few reminders this week:

--March Calendar

The March calendar is available on Den for sign-up. Sign-up is required to play in any event due to COVID restrictions so make sure to sign up for those events that you want to play in. This provides the Club with tracing ability for everyone’s safety. You can also view the March calendar on the Bulletin Bd. and the TPPC website.

--Donny’s ABCD Wed. Events (3pm-5pm and 5pm-7pm)

Because of the popularity of these two events, sign up will be done on a weekly basis. Sign up opens on Den the Thursday before the following Wednesday date of play (e.g., On Thurs. Feb 25 players can sign up for Donny’s ABCD events on Wed. Mar. 3). This will occur every week as was done last year and provides the opportunity for a wider range of players to participate.

--Skinny Singles

An additional session of Skinny Singles will begin on Wednesday, March 3 from 9-11a. This session will focus on Intermediate level players. Sign up on the Wait list with your level (ABCD) in the Edit Comments box to indicate your interest in this event.

The Saturday 11-1pm Skinny Singles session will continue through March.

For questions about either event, contact Pieter Trappenburg at Masspiet@Verizon.net.

Reminder: Make sure you uncheck yourself from an event you cannot attend so someone else can play in your place, and do not sign up for the same event twice.

Guests. If you have a guest you want to play pickleball, you must sign up the guest on Den. Under Sign - up Sheets, click the event and Sign Up Guest under the event you want them to play. Add the person’s first and last name in the dropdown box. Guests can be signed up for Open Play but not for special events like Men’s/Ladies’ Days, lessons or drills, Donny’s ABCD and other such events where statistics are kept. Our Club is large and new members are continuing to sign up so court space for members is the priority.

Thanks to everyone for leaving parking spaces for those who have difficulty getting to the pool.

See you at the Courts,

Marie Knowlton, TPPCP, Deb Howard, VP, Dave Dwyer, Treas., Bev Crane, Sec/Communications

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