TPPC cookout with candidates

by Karen Toof and Carol Bowe'

Rescheduled for Jan 29

January 22 TPPC Cookout at 5:30pm. This week’s cookout main dish will be pizza from The Pines Pizza Shop. Please bring a side dish, salad, vegetable, dessert, etc. to share with 6-8 people. Members and your guests need to sign up on the Den by 5pm this Thursday before the scheduled Cookout. Registration will close at that time. When signing up, please list what you would like to bring in the edit comments section under your name. Instructions to sign up are on the TPPC website under cookout on the calendar, along with more information about the cookout.

We are always looking for Guest Chefs to host a future cookout. A guest chef (one or a group of people) would prepare the main course for a future cookout and the Pickleball Club will reimburse you for your expenses. We would like to hear any suggestions for future cookouts. Volunteers to wipe tables and clean up are always appreciated. Contact: and leave a message.

This week’s cookout will host the 3 TPCA candidates running for the TP Board. They have been invited to the cookout and have accepted to speak to PB Club members (5 min. each with Q&A following) at 6pm at the Pavilion. Members who do not want to attend the cookout that starts at 5:30p may come at 6p to hear the candidates.

Thank you,

Cookout Committee

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