Out of bounds

Coach’s Corner

“Out-of-Bounds Calls” by Mel Kohlberg

There are many opinions about what constitutes proper line calls. Citations from the 2022 Pickleball Rule Book mention the following:

6.A. A ball that lands on any correct court line is “in.”

6.C.  A ball contacting the playing surface outside the court is “out.”

6.D.  Under the “Code of Ethics for Line Calling,” The players must strive for accuracy and respect the principle that all questionable calls must be resolved in favor of the opponent.

Basic elements are… 

6.D.1.  If a player makes an initial line call and then asks the opponent’s opinion and the opponent can make a clear “in” or “out” call, that clear call will stand. If not, the initial call stands. See 6.D.6.

6.D.3. The opponent gets the benefit of the doubt. Any ball that cannot be called “out” is considered “in.” A player cannot call for a replay because the ball was not seen or there is uncertainty.

6.D.4. Spectators should not be consulted.

6.D.5. A player should not question an opponent’s call.

6.D.6. If in 6.D.1., there is no initial line call and the opponents are asked and there is no definitive opinion, the ball is deemed “in.”  The moment the receiving team asks for an opinion, they lose their right to question or change the line call.

6.D.7. Players shall not call a ball “out” unless they can clearly see a space between the line and the ball.

6.D.8. All “out” calls must be made promptly, prior to the ball being hit. Otherwise, the ball is still in play.

6.D.9. If partners can’t agree, then doubt exists, and the ball is “in.”

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