Rules Clarifications

Long time, no talk. Based on play this year and questions raised, following are some clarifications of existing rules:

Momentum Rule – WHEN VOLLEYING, if a player’s momentum causes the player, or anything the player is wearing, to touch the No-Volley Zone or its associated lines, it is considered a fault. However, if the ball bounces inside the NVZ first, it is not a fault.

Out Balls – In general, the side to which the ball is hit will determine whether the ball is ‘in’ or ‘out’. As a rule of thumb (i.e., not an official rule), if the players “can’t determine if the ball is ‘out’, call it ‘in’”. This is to eliminate any possibility of playing a “do over”.

Drop Serve – Many TPPC players have adopted the drop serve, quite successfully, at the beginning of this year. You should know that the drop serve rule was instituted in the 2021 Rulebook as a provisional rule addition. The Rule was to be evaluated throughout the year. At the end of the year, the Rule Committee will decide: a) to keep the rule as is; b) to drop it altogether (pun not intended); or c) to modify aspects of the Rule base on experience during 2021.