Serve and foot faults

by Mel Kohlberg

Not that we ordinarily call foot faults or serve faults, but it’s good to know the following in case you’re in a sanctioned event

Section 4 -The Serve

Rule 4.A.2.b - When ball is served, the server’s feet may not touch inside the court or the baseline.

Rule 4.A.2.c - The server’s feet may not touch outside the imaginary extensions of the sidelines or on the wrong side of extended center line.

Rule 4.A.6 - Must serve to the correct service court - loss of serve penalty.

Rule 4.A.7 - If the serve touches either of the receiving team, point goes to serving team.

Rule 4.B.11 - When an incorrect server or player position is noticed during or after a rally, but before the next serve, the offending team is faulted and any point they make is voided.

Rule 4.M - It is a fault against the server if the serve is made from the incorrect area of the court or by an incorrect player.

Rule 4.N - It is a fault against the receiving team if the wrong player returns the serve.

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