Fun Tournament – October 17


Hello, TPPC,

I want to thank the 50+ Club members who participated (or tried to) in the abbreviated FUN Tournament held October 17.

I'd love to say the tourney went off without a hitch but the opposite is true! Too many events and not enough time per event. "Oh well," I (we) will learn from these errors and make our future tournaments successes as our past tourneys have been.

Sorry for those of you who were unable to participate for a medal.....those that did, I hope you enjoyed the experience!

The Short Court MIXED Medalists as follows:

A Division

GOLD - Patty and Mike Rocheleau

SILVER - Pam Asbel and Brett Kaplan BRONZE - Cathi Ellingson and Dale Nevermann

B Division

GOLD - Philomena Rodriquez and Bob Dalley SILVER - Chris Schaefer and Alejandro Saenz BRONZE - Cathy and Mark Hughes

C Division

GOLD - Connie Smith and Peter Junker SILVER - Sue and Steve Hunter BRONZE - Tina Bates and Bill Lightfoot

THANKS to all volunteers and a special thanks to Eric and Lisa Lowder…a pleasure meeting/playing with you both…Eric, thanks for subbing.

And to Dave Dwyer and the Hunters for additional ideas to further enhance the tournament experience.

Til next time keep on picklin', Tom Asbel

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