Installing Pickleball Den App on an Android Phone

Creating a Pickleball Den Bookmark on your home screen as well selecting “remember me” at the Den log in page allows you a very quick and easy way to access the Pickleball Den. When the Den icon is on your Android phone home page, just click on it and you will go directly to your Den page.

  1. Go to your home screen.
  2. Open up the internet browser that you usually use. There are many internet browsers on Android phones depending on the manufacturer. If the one you usually use does not work, you will have to experiment with another internet browser.
  3. In the web site address, type: (make sure you type the beginning part “app”).
  4. Click on the 3 horizontal lines located on top, bottom or side of the page
  5. Click on “+Add Page to” or click on “add apps to apps screen”. (This choice is the last step; the icon appears on the screen).
  6. Click on “Home Page”.
  7. If your home screen is locked for changes you must unlock it or it will not save the App to your home screen.
  8. The Den App will automatically update itself. There is no need to worry about updating the software, this is handled for you.
  9. The first time you click on the Den App Icon, you must enter your email and your password. Click on the “Remember Me” box. Click on “Log on” box.
  10. The next time you click on the Den App Icon, you will go directly into your Den page.